Date:August 04, 2013

The Lifewrap Video: UCSF Safe Motherhood Program

Uploaded on May 26, 2010

Every year over half a million women die from pregnancy and childbirth related complications. The leading cause of death is obstetric hemorrhage; women bleed to death before they get the care they need.

This is a short video about the LifeWrap – a non-pneumatic anti-shock garment (NASG) used for stabilizing women suffering from obstetric hemorrhage and shock in developing countries. For over six years Safe Motherhood Programs at University of California, San Fransisco has worked on training health care providers in the prevention and treatment of obstetric hemorrhage and implementing the LifeWrap in clinics and hospitals in low-resource countries, helping thousands of women.

The LifeWrap has be used in countries across the globe including Egypt, India, Mexico, Nigeria, and more currently in Zimbabwe and Zambia.