October 2013 Newsletter

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Cluster Randomized Trial of NASG in PLOS ONE
Dr. Suellen Miller, Director of the UCSF Safe Motherhood Program, along with colleagues in the maternal health community, has recently published findings from a cluster randomized trial in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the efficacy of the NASG in stabilizing women with hypovolemic shock until definitive therapy can be reached. Click here to read the article.
Combined Analysis In Press at BMC
The publication of the NASG Combined Analysis is a significant step in validating the use of the NASG as a first-aid device to stabilize women in hypovolemic shock. The study brings together the data from all previous quasi-experimental studies, 3,563 women, to produce a summary effect estimate of the NASG. The Combined Analysis was led by Alison El Ayadi, ScD, Assistant Research Scientist at the Safe Motherhood Program. Once published, this article will be available on ourpublications page.


The new NASG Project brochure is now available! The brochure provides a brief summary of recent research and updated information about the NASG. You can view the brochure by clicking here.

The Safe Motherhood program is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the NASG Toolkit. The Toolkit combines all of the best practices in using the NASG as a first-aid device for a variety of stakeholders, including policymakers, researchers, and implementers.
The NASG Toolkit is a great resource for training and learning materials for implementers using the NASG in a variety of settings. Trainers and independent learners can find resources on the most effective ways to implement the NASG at both the community and facility levels. For those who wish to introduce the NASG into their local healthcare protocol, the Toolkit also provides information on purchasing NASGs.
Finally, the Toolkit offers a bibliography listing all NASG publications.
Once it goes live, the Toolkit will be available on our website.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published an article on the NASG and the work of the UCSF Safe Motherhood Program. To read the full article, click here.
The Huffington Post also recently published an article on the NASG as a lifesaving intervention for obstetric hemorrhage. To read the full article, click here.

For more information on the Safe Motherhood Program and our progress with the NASG, please visit our website,

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