October 2010 Newsletter

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Dear friend, 

We are pleased to bring you our October newsletter which has a spotlight on India – a country I travel to often and hold close to my heart.Please read about our continued work with the NASG in India, my presentations at an Indian summit on our research findings and a training video I filmed in India, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Peru this year.

As always, we invite you to join us in our support of women’s health as a human right and our fight to end death from childbirth.

India – the country with the most maternal deaths per year

Every year approximately 63,000 women die from maternal cases in India

LifeWrap training in India
Although good progress is being made (59% decrease in the maternal mortality rate between 1990 and 2008), these numbers are still tragically high.

Dr. Miller is working with Pathfinder International on  a project which aims to prevent as many complications of childbirth as possible, as well as train health care providers on methods for managing hemorrhage, including the NASG.

Empowering women is closely linked to reducing maternal mortality. Read about the situation for many Indian women and the objectives and plan of action for women’s empowerment set forward by the UK’s Department for International Development.

NASG presentations at Global Maternal Health ConferenceThe Maternal Health Task Force and the Public Health Foundation of India brought together in excess of 500 maternal health experts and members of allied fields to discuss maternal health from August 30 – September 1st.

Dr. Miller presented two sessions on the NASG as well as speaking on a panel which showed Christy Turlington Burns’ debut documentary ‘No Woman, No Cry,’ and premiering ‘Saving Mother’s Lives.’ Read more.

Training Video 

Dr. Miller worked with Pathfinder International to create this wonderful training video on the ‘Prevention and Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage.’
This essential training tool can be used to (re)train health professionals all over the world. It covers: Active Management of Third Stage of Labor, Estimating Postpartum Blood Loss, Treatment of Excessive Postpartum Bleeding & Management of Hypovolemic Shock (including use of the NASG). Watch on our website.