November 2009 Newsletter

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Thank you for continuing to support the Safe Motherhood Program. This month we are pleased to report back on incredibly successful trainings and dissemination of results. Stay with us as we strive to end death in childbirth.


Report from FIGO’s Conference                

Safe Motherhood Program staff and international colleagues were thrilled with the opportunity to share NASG findings with colleagues from around the world at this prestigious forum.
Over 9000 representatives from many countries and organizations attended this conference, hosted by the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Cape Town, South Africa. Many were interested to hear about a first-aid device that keeps women alive during transport to hospital and while awaiting treatment for obstetric hemorrhage.
We presented hard-hitting evidence of the NASG’s utility to people from influential organizations such as the World Health Organization, Health Ministers and policy officials, and a whole range of public health professionals who can help further the reach of such an important device.


Overcoming all obstacles!

This year has been a very difficult year for conducting research in Zimbabwe. With political and financial turmoil, staff at hospitals and clinics who had not been able to live on their meager and inconsistent salaries went on strike, leaving our small staff and study on hold. But, immediately upon re-opening of hospitals, women hemorrhaging received care with the NASG. It is with an acknowledgement of the hard work and determination of the staff that the next phase of our work is now starting up in Zimbabwe.
This month, Safe Motherhood
LifeWraps Logo - Ending Death in Childbirthstaff take the NASG
to clinics in Harare and train providers in their use.
This final, multi-year phase will show us how much the NASG can improve outcomes when used at the clinic level before transport to the hospital.

Dr. Suellen Miller

Safe Motherhood Program Director 
University of California, San Francisco