NASG Toolkit


Welcome to the NASG Toolkit!  This is a one- stop source for everything NASG.  There are tools and resources here for policy makers, clinicians, trainers, advocates, program managers, NGOs, researchers, or anyone interested in learning about the NASG.

Information and tools include training materials for trainers or for independent learners, policy briefs, information sheets, research papers, advocacy materials, historical development of the NASG, videos, global recommendations on NASG integration into Safe Motherhood programs, job aids, tips and more.  All created by the UCSF team with their global experience of over a decade of hands on training, educating, researching and implementing the NASG across a wide variety of sites.

We hope that with access to these materials you will have everything you need to add the NASG to your community, facility, or program.  If you are just interested in discovering more about the NASG, you will find all the information you need for a solid NASG foundation.

How To Use The NASG Toolkit:

There are many ways to use this toolkit, depending on your needs for information or tools. Take a look at the headings (to the left, above, below), to see what applies to what you want to learn about the NASG. For example, if you are a policy maker, you might click directly on the link to  “Materials for Policy Makers”.  This will take you to the table of contents for all the policy-related NASG materials.  If you are a facility-based nurse interested in learning about how to apply the NASG, you might go to #1, Training/Learning Materials, and then click the sub-headingFor Independent Learners at the Facility Level. ” If you are a student trying to learn about the NASG, you might start with “Materials of General Interest” and/or “Materials for Researchers.”  If you are a program manager, you might want to look at the “Job Aids.”   If you wish to purchase an NASG, go to “How to Purchase an NASG.”

If you have additional questions, or would like to share your experiences, please contact us at


We would like to thank all of the many people who indirectly contributed to this toolkit.  First and foremost our colleagues in Mexico, Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe and India who contributed to the field research and to our learning about all the important materials included here.  The training materials in particular we have been refining since our first trainings held in Nigeria in 2002 with Professor Paul Hensleigh  (Stanford University, CA, USA), Professor Oladosu Ojengbede (University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria), and Imran Oludare Morhason-Bello (University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria). Other contributors to these early training materials include:  Karla Berdechevsky, Jennifer Catino, (Population Council, Mexico City, Mexico) Mohammed Mourad (El Galaa Maternity Hospital, Cairo, Egypt), Mohamed Fathalla (Assiut University Women’s Health Center, Assiut, Egypt), Sabry Hamza (Ain Shams University Specialist Hospital, John Snow, Inc, Cairo, Egypt), Reg Gipson (John Snow, Inc, Cairo, Egypt) Rhoda Amafumba (University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia), Christine Kaseba-Sata (University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia), Gricelia Mkumba (University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia), Thulani Magwali (UZ-UCSF Collaborative Programme on Women’s Health Research, Harare, Zimbabwe), Violet Mambo Magwali (UZ-UCSF Collaborative Programme on Women’s Health Research, Harare, Zimbabwe),  Jerker  Liljestrand  (University Research Co.- Center for Human Services, Phnom Pen, Cambodia) and Emily Bowden  (University Research Co.- Center for Human Services, Phnom Pen, Cambodia) and all the many colleagues who worked with us across the globe.  Special thanks to Pathfinder International, Cathy Solter, Ellen Israel, Farouk Jega, Rehka Masalamana, Sunanda Gupta, Subramanian Iyer, Sudhir Makinkar, and many others who adapted our original training materials for a variety of learners.

In the development of this toolkit we are indebted to direct contributions and editorial assistance by:  Jillian Geissler, Brindl Markl of Moxy Media, Emma Rouda, Katie Giessler, Davis Carlin, Jennifer Clark, Lila Kagedan, Michael Anderson, Megan Curtis, Keely Bisch, Molly Ronan, Morgan Moore, Rahwa Neguse, Jessica Morris, Laura Itzkowitz, Jessica Pettit, Kathleen McDonald, Nancy Beam, Jessica Olson, Kimberly Bale, Jessica DeMulder, Ruwani Ekanayake, Alison El Ayadi, Kaoru Itakura, and Emily Treleaven.

Thank you to URC/BHS project Cambodia for sharing their photos to add to ours.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided funding for this work.

-Prof. Suellen Miller, Director, UCSF Safe Motherhood Program and Elizabeth Butrick MSW/MPH, NASG Project Director