May 2012 Newsletter

Happy Mothers Day!
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Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th this year. This Mother’s Day, honor your mother and mothers around the globe by donating a NASG in their honor. $170 covers the cost of one NASG which can be used up to 40 times in saving women’s lives. Donations are tax deductible and accepted in any amount.
Zimbabwe flagWe are pleased to learn that in Zimbabwe, maternity services at all public health facilities will soon be free. White Ribbon Alliance and the Huffington Post both have more information on this good news for a country with one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rates. Funding is in place and the new system is being implemented very soon.

On April 23-25 the US government hosted several events dedicated to maternal health in Washington DC titled Focusing on Global Maternal Survival. An important component was the 2-day summit: Enhancing Provision and Use of Maternal Health Services through Financial Incentives. Maternal health experts, government officials and economists from around the globe all came together to closely examine the evidence on the impact of financial mechanisms on maternal and neonatal health outcomes. We hope the outcome of these communities coming together will create effective agendas for improved maternal health worldwide!

International Day of the Midwife is May 5, 2012
International Day of the Midwife was formally launched in 1992 by the International Confederation of Midwives. Every year on May 5th, the work of midwives is recognized around the world. The goal of this day is to celebrate the work of midwives and raise awareness of their important work to as many people as possible.
On May 5th you can participate in a virtual International Day of the Midwife, which will broadcast one new topic every hour for 24 hours. Many  international speakers will give talks on various topics related to midwifery. Click the link above for the list of topics. Check out their Facebook page here!
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Spreading the Word: Ukraine, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, India & more!
Dr Suellen Miller Continues Domestic and International Collaborations
Dr. Miller continues to collaborate with colleagues globally to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. Recent travels include a congress in Kiev, Ukraine where she shared her experiences with the NASG. In London last month, she joined experts on the Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health Committee of the International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, where she is spearheading a “Mother Friendly Facility Initiative”. Upcoming events include the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada annual meeting in Ottawa and the OBGYN Congress in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, right before the FIGO Congress in Rome in October. She will spend July in Zimbabwe, Zambia, India and Cambodia.




Copperbelt training April 2012
(L-R) Intern Megan Rose Curtis with Ndola Clinic Coordinator Rachael Simutowe and Copperbelt Program Manager Ashley Leech in a recent LifeWrap training session.

Project Director Elizabeth Butrick has just returned from Zambia and Zimbabwe



Elizabeth is happy to report that the clinical trial in Zambia and Zimbabwe is still going strong, with trial results set to announce in 2013. You can follow the progress of the trial here. We are hopeful the dramatic results a NASG can have in saving a woman’s life will be shown, leading to more widespread availability of the NASG internationally.
Supporting our Partners
We would like to bring attention to Every Mother Counts and the International Museum of Women collaborating with a pledge to save mothers’ lives. Sign the pledge to help reach the goal of 10,000 signatures. The pledge will be a powerful message, presented to govenments and policy makers including a special presentation in conjunction with the UN General Assembly in September 2012.


Christy Turlington Burns asks you to Sign the Pledge
Christy Turlington Burns asks you to Sign the Pledge

More From Every Mother Counts: No Mothers Day is a social issue campaign designed to raise awareness about the hundreds of thousands of girls and women who die every year from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth around the world. Join the No Mothers Day campaign now. No woman should lose her life while giving life.

No Mothers Day
No Mothers Day
As always, we remain grateful for your continued support as we work to improve maternal health globally!

Dr. Suellen Miller and Safe Motherhood Team at UCSF