August 2010 Newsletter

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Dear friend,

We have enjoyed a successful summer so far with our NASG project in Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are proud to have sent six interns to Africa to assist in the project, furthering their experience in research and strengthening their passion for maternal health.
We are looking forward to participating in a large international meeting to discuss maternal health in India at the end of the month (read below).
Thank you again for your support of our program and for your interest in saving women’s lives.

Worsening Situation for Women in Zambia and Zimbabwe 
Zambia - maternal health statistics A report in the Lancet released in May announced a global decrease in maternal mortality rates. While some countries have been able to improve the situation for their women, Zambia and Zimbabwe are among a few countries (along with the U.S) where tragically, deaths have actually increased over the past two decades.

The Safe Motherhood Program is proud to be working alongside other committed colleagues to reduce this trend. One such group is Venture Strategies Innovations who are currently supporting the Zambian Ministry of Health in five districts to pilot the use of misoprostol distributed to pregnant mothers at prenatal care visits to ensure that no matter where a woman delivers, she is protected from excessive bleeding.

With such dedicated professionals working alongside us, we are hopeful that the next set of statistics to come from Zambia and Zimbabwe will tell a different story, one of declining death rates, of women surviving to raise their children.

Safe Motherhood Presence at Global Maternal Health Conference

The Maternal Health Task Force and the Public Health Foundation of India are bringing together over 500 maternal health experts and members of allied fields to discuss lessons learned, neglected issues, and innovative thinking to improve global challenges in maternal health from August 30 – September 1st. Dr. Miller has been invited to attend and shall be presenting at three sessions, moderating a panel and showing two videos – standing in for Christy Turlington Burns by screening her debut documentary ‘No Woman, No Cry,’ and premiering ‘Saving Mother’s Lives.’ Read more.

Get involved! 


Interested in women’s reproductive health and rights? Get involved! Here are a few suggestions of ways YOU can help promote global health, support women worldwide and make a difference!

1: Have Your Say
The U.K Department for International Development (DFID) has just launched an open consultation on reproductive, maternal and newborn health to inform their future work in this area. They want to hear from people around the world – from mothers to midwives to the general public to better understand different viewpoints, how the issues might vary between countries, and how DFID could work better with partners. Learn more and have your say here.
2: Educate Yourself and Others
white ribbon
Watch this video by ONE and forward the link to at least 10 people to raise awareness of maternal mortality and its consequences. Watch here.
3: Wear a White Ribbon
The white ribbon is dedicated to the memory of all women who have died in pregnancy and childbirth. In some cultures, white symbolizes mourning and in others it symbolizes hope and life so the white ribbon represents this dual meaning globally. Show your support and consider Joining the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood too.